Message from The Chairman

''  S 11 Group Public Company Limited conducts loan services for
the hire-purchase of motorcycles under the principle of good corporate governance.
The Company promote code of ethics to all stakeholders along with adhere to the
anti-corruption in order to achieve the Company's sustainable growth ''


In 2023, S 11 Group Public Company Limited's revenue was Baht 1,495.77 million, decreased by 7.55 percent, and profit for the year was Baht 49.56 million, decreased by 85.91 percent. At the end of 2023, the Company recognized the account receivables for hire-purchase contracts equal to Baht 6,568.51 million . It is another year that the Company committed to operate its business with due care, retain the sustainable growth and also recognize the quality of debtors as the most important aspect

Although the last year was difficult to run a business due to the severe competition condition together with the household debt problems which were continuously increased. However, the Company is aware of the importance of running business with responsibility, aims to run business successfully, stable and transparence by governance as well as prepare for potential organization development in business strategies, corporate governance, human development, information technology and service standard. The Company cultivates the organization culture to all employees in worth using resource and utmost benefit in order to provide the Company's operation get through the problems and obstacles and also support the Company to expand business growth continuously.

'' Lastly on behalf of the Chairman of S 11 Group Public Company Limited. I would like to thank our shareholders,
investors, business partners, financial institutions, related government and private agencies for their trust and belief
as well as our customers for their kind support. Especially, I would like to thank the management team and all staff
to participate in running a business with sacrifice, patience and honesty. Step forward along with the mission and operation plan provide the Company's success to this day.   ''

Moreover, the overall success of the Company for the year 2023 was made through dedication of all executives and employees
as well as the support from our shareholders and all stakeholders. I would like to confirm that the Company will run a business
with the principle of good corporate governance, responsible for social and environment
in order to achieve the sustainable growth and stably moving forward.

Mr. Samart Chiradamrong

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